Hi babe – welcome, welcome. ♡
You’re probably wondering : How is The Summer Lover ( let’s go with TSL for short ) different from every other blog out there?

First & foremost, it represents the go-getters, the trendsetters, & the trailblazers. The ones who know they want change & make damn well sure it happens. We all know that change is inevitable … So why not make changes with your own hot little hands & create your own sunshine?

I illustrate this idea by making the focus of TSL be a play-by-play on how anyone ( i.e. : me ) can pursue change & easily go from being 100% oblivious to learning the ins & outs of maintaining a balanced, wellness-driven lifestyle.

Really, my vision for TSL is a platform for women w/ aspirations of being the best version of themselves to connect & prosper – not against each other, but ALONGSIDE each other. 

I’m here to help, because I’ve been there – I know all about the struggle of feeling lost & falling into traps of negativity …  & the frustrating process of getting off my ass & climbing back up.

& I’ll tell you what I didn’t know at the time : Becoming the best version of yourself really doesn’t have to be stressful. AT ALL. 

That’s why I want to share EVERYTHING : the good, the bad, the ugly, the amazing, & even the behind-the-scenes-real-shit. What I’m saying is that with my blog, you’ll get the whole she-bang … not just surface-level, seemingly effortless perfection.

I love discussing all things real, REAL. Basically : no boundaries, no TMI, no taboo. If you’re expecting only peonies & pearls, I’d recommend scrolling through Instagram or reading a glossy mag. 😘

Why The Summer Lover, though?

As you might have guessed, I absolutely ADORE summer : palm trees, warm sands, & the blazing sun are 100% my cup of ( iced ) tea. But, even more so because the summer of a person’s life is the prime time of her life : a vacation, friendship, job, fullness, exploration, or warmth. It symbolizes some sort of freedom & growth as she searches for self-acceptance, or identity, or success, or even love.

This on-going journey to the summer of our lives – that’s what The Summer Lover is centered on.

Here’s a little blurb about me – I wouldn’t want to be a stranger. 😘

I love everything girly & wellness ( think : a TON of bracelets on one wrist, a step-tracker on the other ) & I’m super passionate about everything I do – most of which includes blogging ( web design, writing, social media, photography, etc. ), working out, experimenting w/ skinny recipes, brunching + shopping ( in that order!!! ), listening to music ( pop, EDM, r&b, & rap – pretty much anything but heavy metal ), reading ( for leisure ), & binge-watching TV shows ( HUGE fan of a variety of shows – let’s discuss! ).

I was born & raised in Los Angeles, California, which probably has EVERYTHING to do w/ my obsession w/ summer & wellness. & while I take blogging very seriously, another priority for me is studying business administration, writing, & pre-law in San Diego, California at what is possibly the prettiest campus ever, PLNU.

To be completely transparent, I started TSL as a way to hold myself accountable during my journey to wellness … until I decided I really wanted to spread some summer lovin’ & share the juicy details of how I’m working towards self-improvement – & how y’all can become the best damn version of yourselves, too.

Basically, I’ve just been trying TONS of different things & finding my balance … So yes, I’m practically your guinea pig & I wouldn’t pass on anything that I haven’t tested first.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about me, feel free to pop in my inbox & say hi or ask me questions! I’d love to hear from ya! ♡


Yours truly,

+ the skinny on the wellness lifestyle – my 1st post if ya wanted to binge-read. 😉